New 2019 Exclusive Acupuncture Point Probe- $89.50

Special biofeedback acupuncture point probe device for auricular therapy and meridian work. New and improved ergonomic design.


$89.50 + Shipping

For use with DENAS PCM 6 SCENAR device, DENAS T-3, DENAS PCM4 and , Denas-PCM 3.

The Point Probe is used for the treatment of difficult to access areas on the fingers, toes, joints, ear and cranial areas through the hair.

The Denas Point Probe Electrode is designed for Reflexologist and Acupuncturist for treatment of small reflexology zones, correspondence zones and acupuncture points on the body and biologically active points on the ear (auricular points).

This New 2019 Ergonomic designed Acupuncture probe replaces the old discontinued DENAS point probe. Provides smooth energy flow from Denas PCM 6 to meridian or trigger point. This acupoint probe is non returnable.and offers a 6 month warranty.


Denas Ear Reflexlogy