Denas Vertebra 2


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The device DENAS-Vertebra is used in the treatment of acute and chronic pain in the back, the correction of functional disorders in internal diseases, rehabilitation after diseases and surgeries to enhance adaptive capacities of the organism during intense physical and psycho-emotional apparatus nagruzkah.V implemented a fundamentally new way of electrostimulation the type “traveling wave” – The inclusion of alternate 48 electrodes .

What distinguishes the device DENAS-Vertebra second generation from its predecessor? This is a significant increase in the effectiveness of treatment and medical vozmozhnosteyapparata expansion by increasing the number of programs. It is already well familiar to all the programs A, B, C and D, we have added a program E, for which a special algorithm based on biofeedback. This algorithm allows to determine during a session of therapy hidden problem (trigger) zone and carry out individual medical influence aimed at identifying problems in an individual patient

The device DENAS-Vertebra second generation is equipped with Five automated programs:

Program A- prevention and treatment of stress, neurosis, the correction of sleep disorders; comprehensive treatment of cardiovascular diseases, bronchopulmonary and digestive systems; increasing the overall resistance of the organism.

Program B- severe pain in the back and neck, pain in internal diseases, rehabilitation in the postoperative period.

Program C – moderate and mild back pain, muscle overexertion, exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs.

Program D- emergency care in localized back pain.

New! Program E -Individual prevention and treatment of acute and chronic diseases can improve the results of treatment of acute and chronic back pain in the exchange application programs B and C.

The uniqueness of the device allowed to register a new medical technology “Use of device DENAS-Vertebra in the treatment of diseases of the spine” *

* Application of the device DENAS-Vertebra in the treatment of spine: Method. Recommendations. – SPb.: SPbMU them.Acad. IPPavlova, 2011. – 20 s.


When using the device, please note that the most pronounced therapeutic effect occurs as a result of a course of treatment. Its duration is for some diseases 6-8 procedures 8-12 for the other, at least 14-20 procedures.

The device may be used:

  • As the main method of treatment in case of intolerance of drugs and contraindications to the use of other methods;
  • As a component of complex therapy in order to enhance the effects of other therapies;
  • As a symptomatic treatment for various diseases and syndromes.

There are contraindications For proper procedures DENS devices, as well as to determine the optimal combination with other treatment is required to read the instructions for use and consult with a specialist. Please be aware that there is a 20% Restock fee for any Vertebra 2 returns.  The Vertebra must be returned in Like New Condition in Original Box. If there is any damage to the case or Vertebra Shell or Electrodes there may be an additional restocking fee.

Characteristics of

The kit includes:

  • the device “DENAS-Vertebra” (module and electrical control panel)
  • operating instructions,
  • the protective sheet;
  • battery type LR6 / AA;
  • lightweight aluminum case for storage and transportation;


Power Supply 1.5 LR6 / AA (2 pcs.), 220 (using the AC adapter) Weight: no more than 5.18 kg remote control – 180 g block of electro – 5 kg Dimensions: Remote Control – 140h55h28 mm flow electro – 900h365h70 mm Frequency pulse 10, 20, 60, 77, 140, 200 Hz