BrainTap Headset - Light and Sound Frequency Therapy

BrainTap Headset – Relax, Reboot and Revitalize

BrainTap Headset uses unique frequencies of light and sound for brain wave entrainment. In just 22 minutes of deep relaxation, your brain will be guided to:

RELAX – Proven Scientific techniques allow your brain the rest and recovery it needs by reaching various states of consciousness.

REBOOT – Clean the slate of the unimportant and reinforce the most valuable information for better memory and brainpower.

REVITALIZE – Our sessions are designed to build a resilient mind and fit body for life.

BrainTap Headset

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World Health and Performance Experts give their professional reviews and opinions of how the BrainTap Headset is a big part of their life and practice.

BrainTap Headset lets you reach deeper meditative states without years of disciplined practice, leading to mental clarity and intuition. It enhances sleep so you can awaken feeling rejuvenated and energized. It reduces stress, worry and irritability while supporting emotional stability and mental harmony. By achieving the right mindset, you can lessen negative self-talk and self-destructive impulses and overcome bad habits, freeing you to explore an expanded self-awareness with boundless creativity. Best of all, you will experience the joy of higher states of consciousness where you attract and manifest your desires!

Includes: BrainTap headset (LED-equipped earphones and attached LED-equipped visor), standard USB charger, audio cord, user manual, carrying case and the Founder’s Choice program found on the BrainTap Pro App.

Requirements: Requirements: An audio file encoded with Neuro-Sensory Sensory Algorithms® or AudioStrobe®, an iPod®, iPad®, iPhone® or Android® device for listening via the BrainTap Pro app OR any digital audio device for listening to sessions downloaded from

The Science Behind BrainTap


After decades of research, Dr. Porter has developed a truly revolutionary concept in BrainTap — a powerfully effective tool designed to help people like you achieve balanced brainwave states that enhance production of all the necessary neurotransmitters needed for optimal function of body and mind.

BrainTaps exclusive, copyrighted technology has been extensively tested to create the perfect symmetry of sound, music, and spoken word for the ultimate in brainwave training and relaxation, providing your mind and body with all the benefits of meditation without the disciplined effort.

Unlike meditation apps, BrainTap’s neuro-algorithm produces brainwave entrainment — the synchronization of brainwaves to a specialized sound — with no user effort. The result of which is full-spectrum brainwave activity. Using this matrix of neuro-activity, each of BrainTap’s sessions is encoded differently to ensure maximum neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections, resulting in a flexible and resilient brain.

The science behind BrainTap relies on four key elements that enable the sessions to induce brainwave entrainment. Those four elements are:


 The BrainTap headset is an extraordinary new technology on the leading-edge of the brain-based wellness approach now being advocated by health and wellness practitioners around the globe. The BrainTap headset delivers gentle pulses of light through special earphones and from within a visor. These lights synchronize with two types of sound—binaural beats and isochronic tones—to produce deep and profound relaxation and varying states of consciousness. While research has proven that both flickering light and synchronized tones can produce relaxed states, combining the two guides you to a profound level of restfulness and rejuvenation that’s otherwise difficult to achieve; it is a state of tranquility that is optimum for mind/body balance, focus, and accelerated learning. If you want to get more done in less time, the BrainTap headset is a must-have.
The BrainTap headset is also considered a portable achievement device. It is driven by specially encoded guided visualization audio-sessions that are uniquely encoded with Neuro-Sensory Algorithms (NSAs) to gently guide the user from the wide-awake state into a deeply relaxed optimum learning state. A mini computer inside the BrainTap headset converts the NSA encoded signal embedded within each session, thus guiding the user through the brainwave entrainment process designed specifically for that session. With nearly 700 sessions in more than 50 categories, there’s simply no limit to what you can achieve. The BrainTap headset system works with any smartphone or tablet that can operate Apple or Android apps.

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How The BrainTap Works



When two different tones, separated in frequency by only a few Hertz, are introduced — one in each ear — the brain perceives a third, unique tone. Binaural beats work by creating this phantom frequency, which the brain then mimics. For example, if we play a 220 Hz carrier tone into the left ear and a 226.5 Hz carrier tone into the right ear, your brain perceives the difference between the two, which is a subtle beat frequency of 6.5 Hz, the same frequency associated with deep, meditative states. Your brain naturally follows this frequency, and you experience this deeply relaxed state.

BrainTap’s proprietary algorithms have been shown to produce a state of calm and concentration in the brain, yielding the full effect of the guided visualization, and resulting in extraordinary levels of performance that would otherwise take years of practice to achieve.



In general, the visual imagery process involves the individual setting aside a period for relaxation, during which he or she contemplates mental images depicting a desired result or goal. This exercise is done during the spoken-word sessions to help the listener envision a consistent image (either literal or symbolic) of the results desired from the session.

Visualization has been studied for decades, having been shown to have the power to affect mental states, improve physical and athletic performance and even heal the body. And when combined with the other elements of BrainTap, these effects are increased and optimized.



Another aid to the guided meditation is 10-cycle holographic music, which is a sonic technology that produces a 360-degree sound environment.

In this sonic environment, the visualizations become more real to the mind, helping the user take full advantage of the power of the visualizations by creating a more receptive learning state.



Isochronic tones are equal intensity pulses of sound separated by an interval of silence. They turn on and off rapidly, but the speed depends on the desired brain frequency. The discrete nature of isochronic tones makes them particularly easy for the brain to follow. While binaural beats rely on balanced hearing in both ears, isochronic tones work effectively for nearly everyone, except for someone with complete hearing loss. This is one of the reasons BrainTap’s proprietary algorithms incorporate both types of tones.


The BrainTap headset also delivers light frequencies through the ears. There are specific points in the ears, called meridians, known to directly affect the body’s organs and systems. These are typically activated using acupuncture needles, but light frequencies are known to have the same effect. The headset’s earphones are uniquely equipped with nine LED lights set at the optimum frequency for providing a sublime feeling of serenity and balance, all without needles.

The lights in the ears are set to the optimum frequency for creating a delightful feeling of serenity and balance. The earphone lights work by stimulating the ear meridians with gentle frequency pulses—so gentle that they are not visible to the human eye—to soothe, harmonize, calm and balance you.

BrainTap Headset Video with Dr. Patrick Porter 

Learn how you can train your brain for SUCCESS. This amazing frequency therapy that uses Sound and Light that helps stimulate, balance and optimize your brains performance. The BrainTap technology has taken decades to develop and is now available to you without a prescription.


Brain Tap Headset – The Power of Light

In addition to the sonic effects of braintapping, the BrainTap headset delivers gentle light pulses that travel through the retina and ear meridians, sending direct signals to the brain and guiding you into unparalleled brain states.

Pulsing light, in the correct pattern and intensity, can produce levels of deep relaxation known to affect serotonin and endorphin levels, with an average increase of 21 percent in one study. These increases not only can calm and relax the mind but also produce powerful effects in maintaining a positive outlook and optimistic thinking.

Light emitting diodes, also called LEDs, are solid-state devices that convert small amounts of safe electrical energy into light. They can be switched on and off much faster than incandescent lights, producing the crisp strobe-like pulses most effective at inducing the frequency following response needed to guide the user through the brainwave states. For BrainTap, blue LEDs were chosen for their pure, cool, calming color. Our operational research showed that users preferred the blue effect through closed eyes more than any other LEDs available. It is important to note that a person who is prone to seizures should not use the light portion of the BrainTap headset system.

Understanding Four Brainwave Frequencies

BETA 13-30 Hz: This is the wide-awake alert state where you spend most of your waking life. Beta is your reactionary mind. It is the level of your mind where fears, frustrations and negative emotions are processed. This is also where your strongest filtering system operates. It is called the critical factor. The key purpose in using the BrainTap Headset is to train your mind to get out of this state where stress is dominant.

ALPHA 8-13 Hz: This is the frequency most associated with creativity, imagination and flow. Alpha is the intuitive mind. It is also the brain state associated with relaxation, tranquility and daydreaming. Flow thinking, or a state of “inward awareness,” takes place in alpha. It is also known as a super-learning state.

THETA 4-8 Hz: This is the breakthrough state where you can reinvent your life. Theta is the inventive mind. It borders on sleep and is a meditative state with access to the other-than-conscious mind where you have higher levels of creativity, learning, and inspiration. It is also the state in which the BrainTap Headset help you to visualize and realize your goals.

DELTA 1-4 Hz: This is deep, dreamless sleep. Delta is the unconscious mind. The BrainTap Headset is designed to keep you from falling into this state of sleep. This is why the light and sound patterns of the BrainTap Headset system continue to change throughout the session.

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  • Maintaining Focus and Concentration
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  • Oxygenating the Body-The Lymphatic System
  • Detoxifying Your Body
  • Food Chemistry-Body Chemistry
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  • Make Friends Easily
  • Stimulate Curiosity
  • PLUS more
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