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Dens Massage Electrodes

Therapy of head and facial skin (2 items)

Dens Massage Electrodes $110.00

Set includes two external massage electrodes: with needled and flat surfaces. The 1st - for therapy of head, the 2nd - for lifting lymphatic drainage of facial skin. Works with any Denas/Diadens device.

Set includes two external massage electrodes. One electrode has needles on its working surface and second electrode’s working surface is flat.

Massage Electrode with needled surface

Purpose of this electrode iis therapy of hairy part of a head. This electrode is perfect for scalp and pain management therapy. This electrode is most effective when healing:

  • it improves skin blood flow and metabolism;
  • removes acne;
  • normalizes muscle tone;
  • helps to eliminate and reduce wrinkle formation;
  • improves skin colour, makes skin firm and healthy.

Pain syndrome in locomotorium disease - it`s a problem that can suddenly come up and stay for a long time. Time, hours there is no difference for pain. What is left for us to do if pain starts during a trip and you cannot reach the pain zone in the back yourself by device? The remote therapeutic zonal electrode Dens-applicators are to be used in this situation.

Dens-applicators - this is the way to optimise the procedure of Dens-therapy. The extension of therapy area allows to reduce the time and therapy term and as a result makes the procedure more effective.

Dens-applicators are fixed easily and firmly on definite part of body, extremities area, joints. The patient feels comfortable and can heal difficult to access zones unassisted using the remote electrode for Denas and DiaDens.

Dens-applicators are effective for therapy of:

  • pain or discomfort in the back or neck area (myotonia, back pain, neck pain, foot pain, supercooling, inflammation);
  • pain or discomfort in muscles of lower or upper extremities (myositis, overtrain, sprain, injury);
  • joint pain (arthritis, arthrosis, trauma).

Dens-applicators are recommended for the achievement of quick result. The therapy course is recommended for complete function recovery.

Works only with:

Denas PCM 6, Denas PCM 4, Denas PCM 3, Denas T3, Denas 3


6 months from the date of sale.

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