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Welcome to Denas Pain Relief Store, Where Our Customers Receive Exceptional Service, Including Certified Training and Support with Coach Jimmy K.

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Denas MS

Denas New and Improved Scenar Technology

Scenar Technology Scenar was developed over 30 years ago in Russia for use by the Cosmonauts in space in place of pharmaceutical drugs. This technology has been used by hospitals, clinics and therapist for decades with clinically proven results. In 1998 Denas MS Corporation created a more advanced technology by blending Chinese traditional acupuncture with Scenar technology, along with biofeedback, and continues as a forerunner in the field. Through application of this therapy, your body quickly responds to the energy helping reduce or eliminate your body's acute and chronic internal and external issues, thus allowing your body to heal naturally without the adverse side effects of drugs or pharmaceuticals.

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Diadens T 3

(New) Replaces the Diadens T2 model device

$350.00 USD

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Denas PCM 3

13 automatic treatment programs.(Full English)

$525.00 USD

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Denas PCM 4

PreviousTop of the Line Scenar. Russian Language Menu Item Now Discontinued )

$495.00 USD

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Denas PCM 6 - Special Sale

Includes Special Case,12 months Electro Pads, Plus one on one training - $2550 Value

$598.88 USD

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Therapeutic Health and Pain Devices

The following Denas devices, the Amazing Vertebra 2, Latest Space Age DENAS PCM 6, Denas Complex, Denas PCM 3, PCM 4, PCM5, Osteo-Dens, Denas T 3, and Denas Cardio 3 have all been through scientific, clinical testing and experimental studies that have provided proven results. The devices have been certified by the Russian Ministry of Health, Medical Device Certification ISO 13485 and European Medical Quality Standard ISO 9001 and are approved for Medical Doctors in Hospitals or Clinics and for use by families at home. Compact, portable and easy to use makes them ideal for therapy at home, work or on the go, and there is no special medical training needed. There are several models and accessories to chose from, please browse our product pages and contact us with any questions.